Abrasive Blasting

Elite Blasting specialises in the abrasive blasting of ferrous and non ferrous materials, as well as mediums such as fibreglass, masonry and timber.

We ensure we get the results by carefully selecting the right medias, pressure and techniques for the job at hand.

The medias we use:

  • Garnet - the most versatile abrasive that removes rust and paint 

  • Fine crushed glass - sharp, yet soft, perfect for automotive panels and items requiring a lesser profile

  • Soda - used where paint and corrosion removal is required without profiling the surface

  • Plastic media - paint removal without profiling the substrate

After blasting, we apply protective coatings and offer a painting service where we can finish your trailer or machinery in high quality gloss coatings such as two pack and polyurethane paints.